PLC and Supervisors

“The PLC, is the basic element for the control and management of industrial processes, it is characterized by a set of interconnected devices and communicating with each other through one or more communication networks. Each device is independent physical entity capable of performing one or more functionality through the use of digital and analog cards. “

Automation Systems for years working in the field provides the best technologies to stay ahead in the industrial sector, in fact, boasts of skilled and competent technicians for the commissioning of machines, mostly converting, adopting advanced software with the latest Siemens S7 and TIA PORTAL with experience from the first controllers. L ‘Automation System in fact performs the work of conversion and upgrade from earlier in new systems to ensure traceability of the products on the market and the possibility of remote assistance.

The know-how provided by our company is able to support all customer needs trà which different controllers, drives and operator terminals of the main suppliers: Allen Bradley, Schneider, Control technique, Danaher Motion, Ge Fanuc, Eurtotherm, Parker, etc …

The HMI is a software device that allows the operator to interface with the machine functions by adopting an entirely visual system and easy to control. L ‘Automation systems meet any user’s needs in order to make it easier and enjoyable to use an automatic mechanism.