Help ButtonThe Automation Systems for many years operating in the sector mainly provides two types of technical support remotely:

  • Live
  • Indirect

The direct interaction as well as the most used by our technicians, allows you to work independently, sending commands and analyzing the relative system responses, without any local brokerage. For this a data connection is required bidirectional mode of adequate capacity, to minimize the effects of the time lag that can be critical during a process control.
The Internet network in this type of remote assistance is often used on data processing systems, where the time shift induces no significant effect, while the telemaintenance of process control takes place by means of connections point to point , for eg with dedicated phone line.

The indirect interaction takes place through the intermediary of a subject on the local side, typically the user or a person in charge.

Our company also provides activities training on the job at the customer and not making available its specialized staff.

In cases where it was not possible to intervene remotely, our technical staff will join you in person as quickly as possible.